Mini Spin Column


Mini spin column


Cat# Size Price ($)
CYADL20 500 Pieces/Bag 0.1846$/Piece


Storage: Stored at Room Temperature and shelf life is one year.

Transportation: FedEx Express, 2-7 business days to arrive.

Post-service and returned Policy: Unconditional return.

Description- Feedback from one of our Canadian customer

Here are the observations that I made about your columns:

1) Based on the ratio of RNA-to-DNA extraction your columns actually turned out to be somewhat suboptimal, they end up with capturing a bit too much DNA together with the RNA

2) However, the total amount of extracted nucleic acid product is very high. Based on this I am expecting your columns to be optimal for DNA extraction

3) Visually the columns look very nice. I have observed that even when using ThermoFisher Kit columns, I see some settling of the membrane at the end of all steps (that is due to centrifugation the membrane compresses and there is a visible separation between the membrane and the o-ring that holds it in place). However, this effect was almost completely absent from your columns, so the craftmanship and quality of the membrane look very good.



1. Silica membrane-based mini spin column for DNA/RNA extraction;

2. 8 layers advanced membranes for 100% quality guaranteed;

3. High quality for DNA/RNA purification;

4. Unique flower-O-ring washer design ensuring no liquid residues;

5. Most popular mini spin columns in UAS and Canada market;

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