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Functions of Freund’s adjuvant

Antigens play a vital role in helping the human body to fight against diseases. It is a harmful substance, which creates antibodies in the human body to offer it the ability to ward off diseases. Here only, Freund’s adjuvant appears, as it is injected together with an antigen to improve the humoral and, or cell-arbitrated immune response to the antigen.…

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Applications of tissue DNA isolation kits

DNA isolation kits play a crucial role in isolating high quality and high quantity deoxyribonucleic acid not only from tissues but also from cells. These kits aid users greatly in preparing medium-scale as well as large-scale disinfected genomic DNA that ranges in size from 50 kb to 150 kb. They work effectively in getting rid of contaminating proteins as well…

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Different protocols and kits used for tissue RNA isolation and DNA isolation

Nowadays, researchers can access both genomic, as well as transcriptomic data, from a single tissue sample because of the advance of NGS or Next Generation Sequencing. The aptitude to isolate high-quality RNA and DNA from a single biological sample is turning out to be more and more important, particularly when the sample yields little amounts of total nucleic acids. Extracting…

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