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An easy and efficient technique for isolating small RNAs from diverse plant species

RNA isolation from plant tissues is a challenging one when compared to that from animal cells and tissues, so small RNA isolation is no exception. This is for the reason that their cell walls may be extremely difficult to disturb, and plant cells habitually contain considerable amounts of compounds such as phenolics, tannins, and complex polysaccharides. Therefore, this can have…

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Functions of Freund’s adjuvant

Antigens play a vital role in helping the human body to fight against diseases. It is a harmful substance, which creates antibodies in the human body to offer it the ability to ward off diseases. Here only, Freund’s adjuvant appears, as it is injected together with an antigen to improve the humoral and, or cell-arbitrated immune response to the antigen.…

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Applications of tissue DNA isolation kits

DNA isolation kits play a crucial role in isolating high quality and high quantity deoxyribonucleic acid not only from tissues but also from cells. These kits aid users greatly in preparing medium-scale as well as large-scale disinfected genomic DNA that ranges in size from 50 kb to 150 kb. They work effectively in getting rid of contaminating proteins as well…

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Different protocols and kits used for tissue RNA isolation and DNA isolation

Nowadays, researchers can access both genomic, as well as transcriptomic data, from a single tissue sample because of the advance of NGS or Next Generation Sequencing. The aptitude to isolate high-quality RNA and DNA from a single biological sample is turning out to be more and more important, particularly when the sample yields little amounts of total nucleic acids. Extracting…

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How using the three-week mouse Quick antibody adjuvant is safe in Freund’s adjuvant for covid-19?

An Adjuvant is defined as a molecule, compound, or a macromolecular complex that boosts the strength as well as the longevity of particular immune response to antigens. At the same time, it will cause negligible toxicity or lifelong immune effects on its own. The main purpose of using the adjuvant is to aid the immune system by boosting the immunogenicity…

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Know the basics of tissue DNA isolation

DNA isolation from tissues is considered one of the most recent of the biological sciences. Both doctors, as well as scientists, use tissue DNA isolation to diagnose several medical disorders to engineer both animals as well as plants genetically. The isolation of DNA can be used to collect evidence in the crime investigation, as well. DNA can be isolated easily…

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