Micro Spin Column


Micro Spin Column


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CYADL005 500 Pieces/Bag 0.9232/Piece


Storage: Stored at Room Temperature and shelf life is one year.

Transportation: FedEx Express, 2-7 business days to arrive.

Post-service and returned Policy: Unconditional return.


At present, micro spin column on the market are generally 20ul or 10ul purification systems, and the purification effect is not particularly desirable. Based on such actual conditions, we have developed the latest micro spin column that can purify at least 5ul system. And importantly, this latest developed micro spin column overcomes the unsatisfactory purification effect of the micro spin columns on the market, ensuring that at least 5 ul of elution volume can also achieve optimal purification, concentration and recycle effect. This latest developed micro spin column can be widely used for RNA, DNA micro extraction, low-abundance RNA, DNA concentration, etc.

The first two lanes in the red box is 5ul elution through the micro spin column and 2ul loading


1. Silica membrane-based micro spin column for DNA/RNA extraction;

2. 8 layers advanced membranes for 100% quality guaranteed;

3. The unique ridge design allowing the spin column to be tightly coupled to the collection tube for easy handling;

4. Using less plastic raw materials to reduce environmental impact;

5. Unique tapered design to avoid buffer retention, allowing the minimum elution volume of the spin column to reach 5ul;

6. Unique pointed end design makes it perfectly compatible with vacuum pumping systems;

7. Widely used in all RNA and DNA micro extraction and concentration

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