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How using the three-week mouse Quick antibody adjuvant is safe in Freund’s adjuvant for covid-19?

An Adjuvant is defined as a molecule, compound, or a macromolecular complex that boosts the strength as well as the longevity of particular immune response to antigens. At the same time, it will cause negligible toxicity or lifelong immune effects on its own. The main purpose of using the adjuvant is to aid the immune system by boosting the immunogenicity of the co-administered microorganism, safe protein, or polysaccharide. As of date, the explanation as to the number of adjuvants function is still unknown.

The complete, as well as the incomplete form of Freund′s Adjuvant, plays a crucial role in producing immunogens by mixing water and oil. The Antigens in the mixture of water and oil are capable of stimulating high as well as ongoing antibody responses that can be due to the slow discharge of antigen.

While the Freund′s Complete Adjuvant contains Mycobacteria, the incomplete form does not contain Mycobacteria. Thus, the incomplete type of adjuvant is safe to use, meaning it will not create side effects in any form. Most of the injections are boosted by making use of the incomplete form of Freund′s Adjuvant. It plays an important role in mixing antigens, which are used to inject into animals. The major purpose of injecting antigens into animals is to create monoclonal antibodies from the antiserum.

Each ml of the mixed product contains 0.15 mL mannide monooleate and 0.85 mL paraffin oil. It is available in 200 ml capacity in the form of liquid. The faintly yellow-to-yellow colored liquid is supposed to be stored at a room temperature of 2-8°C.

When it comes to Freund’s adjuvant for covid-19, it is used as a quick adjuvant in the polyclonal/ monoclonal antibody form. The adjuvant is transported and stored in the room temperature of 2-8°C to make it stable for a maximum period of 18 months.

As the monoclonal/polyclonal antibody quick adjuvant is considered the original form of Freund’s adjuvant, it is greatly used to prepare the antibody for the Coronavirus disease 2019 as quickly as possible. Therefore, you can use a three-week mouse Quick antibody adjuvant to prepare a mouse polyclonal antibody as quickly as you need. A single Balb/c mouse can collect serum that ranges from 0.3ml to 0.5ml. If 200 mice are immunized through the serum, then you will be capable of collecting a maximum of 100ml of antiserum. Then, rapid detection cards can be produced easily and quickly through the purification of polyclonal antibodies and the spleen can persist to be fused to get monoclonal antibodies. Moreover, at the same time, besides mice, rabbits can be immunized, as well. Thus, rabbit polyclonal antibodies can be easily obtained within a period of 2 to 3 months.

Some of the notable benefits of using the three-week mouse Quick antibody adjuvant include:

  • You can collect the mouse polyclonal antibody within a short period of three weeks.
  • You will need only 30ug antigen for one mouse, that is, 6mg antigen for 200 mice.
  • You may need a limited immunization, usually 2 times.
  • The natural antigen conformation will not be destroyed in any way.

Above all, the use of the three-week mouse Quick antibody adjuvant to Freund’s adjuvant for covid-19 is safe, as it does to create toxicity in animals.

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