RNApure Total RNA Kit


 RNApure Total RNA Kit
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All reagents, when stored at indicated temperature, are stable for 9 months



The RNApure Total RNA Kit provides a simple, reliable, and rapid method for isolating high-quality total RNA from a variety of samples, including animal and plant cells and tissue. The kit utilizes the strong lysis capability of Buffer RL (TRIzol® Reagent), followed by a convenient and time-saving silica-column purification protocol to purify ultrapure total RNA within an hour.


The sample is first lysed with Buffer RL, according to the lysate preparation protocol provided. The addition of chloroform to your sample, followed by centrifugation separates the solution into an upper aqueous phase containing RNA and a lower phenol-containing organic phase. The upper aqueous phase is transferred to a new tube, followed by ethanol addition and centrifugation. The sample is then transferred to the Spin Column containing a clear silica–based membrane to which the RNA binds during purification. The RNA is washed to remove contaminants and the purified total RNA is then eluted in RNase-Free Water (Tris Buffer, pH 7.5 may also be used) and is suitable for use in a variety of downstream applications including sensitive gene expression studies such as microarray analysis or real time quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR).  



1. Combined TRIzol®-based lysis and spin column-based RNA isolation technologies

2. Superior lysis capability and convenient protocol


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